National Gymnastics Day

Stickit Gymnastics will join gymnastics clubs across the world on Sept. 15 to share the love of our sport and support our gymnastics community on National Gymnastics Day.

As part of this year’s National Gymnastics Day on Sept. 15, gymnasts, families, friends, and enthusiasts from gymnastics clubs globally will participate in a variety of activities. These include: open houses, hand stand contests, carnivals, and fitness activities to build awareness of gymnastics and its benefits. 

We currently have 285 students enrolled in classes. We provide a family-oriented facility in a fun and safe environment with programs for all ages that specializes in the highest quality of gymnastics instruction. It is our business philosophy to deal ethically, enthusiastically, and honestly in all of our business relationships with employees, vendors, and clients.

This is a FREE event. This event will conclude with a handstand contest and winner will receive (1) Open Gym Certificate. 

Please share this event with your friends. Hope to see you there.

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4:00pm - 8:00pm


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